Psychedelic blues rockers ANANDA MIDA share new track and video off “Live at Duna Jam” album; out July 12th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Heavy blues rock collective ANANDA MIDA (with vocalist Conny Ochs) share a new excerpt off their upcoming “Live at Duna Jam” album, due out on July 12th via Heavy Psych Sounds. Watch “The Medicine Man Is Looking for a Cure” exclusively on Outlaws of the Sun now!

Says the band: “When it comes to ‘The Medicine Man is looking for a Cure’, there’s a particular moment that has always been stuck in our mind: after the recording session, our lead guitarist Alessandro Tedesco told us that the solo was the best he had ever written. From that point onward, it has always been an immense pleasure to listen to it over and over again and play it live, made even greater by the excellent singing of Conny Ochs. For the video it seemed right to us after nine years of life on stage as a collective, to make a collage of our live footage. Unfortunately, we are unable to show all of the 14 different lineups that have been alternating over time but that’s fine: it was a blast, so thank you everybody.

Watch “The Medicine Man Is Looking For A Cure” HERE

The shape-shifting Italian outfit fronted by revered German singer and songwriter Conny Ochs (also known for his work with Scott “Wino” Weinrich) delivers an electrifying and mind-expanding sonic journey with “Live At Duna Jam” — as its title suggests, a lifetime performance captured at one of Europe’s most acclaimed psych and heavy rock festivals and propelled by a clear high-fidelity sound. From the trip-inducing psych-blues of “Swamp Thing” to the high-octane proto-heaviness of “Doom 5”, the fabulous quintet embarks us into its world in a shimmering fashion. Watch their latest video for “The Future (Live at Duna Jam)” at this location!

About “Live At Duna Jam”, the band comments: “On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, we had the privilege of performing live for the Duna Jam audience as the sun set over the beach and heat waves, along with sandstorms, rose from the Sahara to the west. It was an unforgettable concert that left a profound emotional impact on us as the entire scene and atmosphere seemed to “crystallize” in its own unique space-time, so to speak.

ANANDA MIDA “Live at Duna Jam”
Out July 12th on Heavy Psych Sounds (LP/CD/digital)
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1. Swamp Thing
2. Blank Stare
3. Doom And The Medicine Man (Pt V)
4. Doom And The Medicine Man (Pt Vi-Vii-Viii)
5. Doom And The Medicine Man (Pt Iv)
6. Lunia (Ear, Scolaro, Leonardi)

Ananda Mida is a stoner and psychedelic rock music collective led by Max Ear (OJM’s drummer and Go Down Records’ Art Director) and Matteo Pablo Scolaro. From the very beginning of the project, graphic imagery has been given a crucial role thanks to the precious collaboration with the visual artist Eeviac. Since 2015, they have been performing with different lineups, from three to six members, either as an instrumental outfit or featuring singers such as Conny Ochs. Their sound is inspired by seventies rock, mixed with desert and psychedelic grooves.

In 2015, Ananda Mida debuted with the double A-sided 7-inch “Aktavas/Passavas”, which gave rise to the band’s mythology, elaborated from some fragments of enigmatic teachings. In 2016 they released their first full-length, co-produced by Go Down Records and Vincebus Eruptum Recordings: “Anodnatius” reminds us of all the positive forces and slight vibrations settled inside and outside everything and everyone.

In January 2019, the second chapter “Cathodnatius” was published, depicting all the opposing forces and obscure vibes we live in today. This record featured Conny Ochs on vocals and was released via Go Down and Vincebus Eruptum. In June 2021, the band put out the “Karnak” live EP featuring a special appearance from desert rock icon Mario Lalli on guitar. November 2023 has seen the release of their third work “Reconciler” on Go Down Records, completing the trilogy and evoking the resolution of the contrast between the opposing forces sung in the previous chapters, as a hymn to reconciliation. Ananda Mida has performed throughout Europe, supporting bands like BRMC, Black Mountain, Colour Haze, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, The Atomic Bitchwax, Nebula, and White Hills.

Davide Bressan: bass guitar
Max Ear: drums
Conny Ochs: vocals, percussion
Matteo Pablo Scolaro: electric guitars
Alessandro Tedesco: electric guitars