1st promising single from the long awaited new album!
Profoundly conceived, captivating Modern Metal of upscale class!
The lyric video for “Broken” was released on June 18, 2024

. 1999 •
-= Modern Metal =-

Evanescence, Halestorm, Lacuna Coil

Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal,
Modern Metal

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Challenging the unpredictable!

After years of silence, the Italian band returned to their strengths in 2023 and began to cultivate their roots with a valuable maturity.
And so the songs that make up their new album “The Black Swan” were brought to vibrant life.

TYSTNADEN have entrusted the production of their new album to Fabio D’Amore (Serenity, Perchta) at Synonym Of Sound Studio, which is located between Silz in Austria and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy.

The mix of this fourth album benefits from the collaboration with Francesco Marzona and the title is a tribute to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s 2007 essay in which he discussed the powerful effects of rare and unpredictable events and the human tendency to find simple explanations for these events after the fact.
This theory has since become known as the “Black Swan Theory”.

TYSTNADEN say about their new album:
“As adult human beings, we’re accustomed to making decisions based on our experiences, roughly calculating some risks, and relying on predictions…
We often overlook the existence and significance of black swans, which can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences.
Let’s embrace uncertainty, open the eyes of our minds and hearts.”

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🔘 New full-length album from the Italian visionaries
🔘 Lovingly composed, deeply detailed songs
🔘 Fully convincing return of a unique band

📸  Beatrice Demori

Laura De Luca • Vocals
Giulia Coletti • Guitars
Cesare Codispoti • Guitars
Stefano Galioto • Bass
Alberto Iezzi • Drums