True Heavy Metal / Thrash Leaders MALAMORTE return with their masterful 8th album & the Horror Metal Masterpiece of 2024!
By now, MALAMORTE needs no introduction. Led by Italian metal legend Alessandro Nunziati, MALAMORTE’s uniquely crafted True Heavy Metal / Thrash / Occult Rock has taken the entire heavy metal scene by storm with his 7 prior internationally acclaimed albums!
With their eighth album “Abisso”, MALAMORTE unleashes 8 fresh riff-driven hard rock / heavy metal masterpieces, heavily inspired by mid-era King Diamond. The addition of artfully arranged synth weaves a menacing tension throughout the album that simultaneously injects even more melody driven rhythm and ‘pop’-catch appeal to this exceptional album. Baleful mid-range vocals deliver Nunziati’s signature occult/horror lyrics that explore the depths of the abyss within each of us… or is it an invitation to embrace that darkness?!

“This is horror metal at a high level! A catchy diabolical beast!”
“Recreates that Hammer movie vibe classic bands like Mercyful Fate and Witchfynde invoked!”
“There is a real character to this album!”
“It truly feels like he’s channeling dark forces with each verse and the delivery is convincing.” ~Metal Trenches

* The highly anticipated 8th album by scene legend MALAMORTE!
* Led by front-man Alessandro Nunziati (Lord Vampyr, Theatres des Vampires, Cain, Shadowsreign)!
* Features a killer production from Music Up Studio!
* Superb hammer-horror-esque cover art by Badic art (Mausoleum, Demonical, Skeletal Remains, Disincarnate)!.
* True Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal of the Highest Quality!
* Mandatory for fans of King Diamond, Ghost, Portrait, Attic, Them, In Solitude, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest & Death SS!

Official Release Date, Cover Art and Track Listing as follows:

MALAMORTE “Abisso” CD / Digital
Official Street Date August 9th, 2024 on Moribund Records.

Track Listing:
1. Abisso (5:13)
2. Abisso (part 2) (5:06)
3. Abisso (part 3) (4:01)
4. The Convent (4:06)
5. I Am the Scourge (5:40)
6. Begotten (3:57)
7. The Lie of Sin (4:22)
8. Welcome Darkness (5:16)
* RED BOLD Denotes Radio Push Tracks #1
* RADIO – Please NOTE Add Dates of August 5th!

”I Am the Scourge” Single #1 (07.12.24 / July 12th, 2024 Release Date)!

1. I Am the Scourge (5:40)
2. Abisso (part 2) (5:06)

Music, Lyric and Teaser Videos (Find Links Below):
1. Abisso (part 2) (5:06) = Teaser Video (06.28.24 / June 28th, 2024 Launch Date)
2. I Am the Scourge (5:40) = Official Music Video (07.12.24 / July 12th, 2024 Launch Date)
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MALAMORTE “Abisso (part 2)” Teaser Video from the album “Abisso” out August 9, 2024 on Moribund Records! Please share on your page!