Doom metal goldsmiths HAUNTED release new single “Malevolent” off ucpoming third album “Stare At Nothing” on Ripple Music.

Sicilian doom metal foursome HAUNTED unleash their magnetic new single “Malevolent” on all streaming platforms today. The band will release their third album “Stare At Nothing” on April 19th through Ripple Music.

Stream HAUNTED’s new single “Malevolent
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With the arrival of new members Kim Crowley on guitar and Luca Strano on drums, HAUNTED have lowered themselves headlong, sinking into the dark cavities of the ground. They relied on the darker shades of heavy rock and the furious poetry of grunge, composing sharp rhythms on evocative metrics. Dark and twisted, the followup to 2018’s critically-lauded “Dayburner” dives deeper into traditional doom territory with ominous riffs rolling over the listener upon each chord on top of the now-foursome’s sharp and harrowing rhythm section. Cristina Chimirri’s mystical siren-like incantations slowly drag you thousands of feet deep into the abyss, making “Stare At Nothing” a vibrant pitch-black doom release that should captivate fans of early Windhand and Messa, Saint Vitus.

HAUNTED “Stare At Nothing”
Out April 19th on Ripple Music (vinyl/CD/digital)
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Formed in the gray and dreary fall of 2015, HAUNTED conjure up sub-sabbathian spells from the dark sources of Etna, in Catania, Sicily. Long and painful dirges drive the candidate through murky hells of penance and distortion winding through the steep tunnels of Evil and Death.
Since the beginning engaged by Twin Earth Records (USA), they have so far released two epitaphs. The eponymous full-length “Haunted”, has been acclaimed as one of the best stoner-doom albums of the year in 2016, which together with the attitude shown so far have allowed the band to participate in various live performances, hitting the stage as a guest for the Candlemass, Hooded Menace and Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, as well as in prestigious festivals such as Into The Void and Eindhoven Metal Meeting in 2017.

The long-awaited sophomore album “Dayburner”, released in 2018, received great interest from industry critics and thanks to the entry of DHU Records (NL), specialized in vinyl pressing, benefited from greater support and visibility. In the winter of 2020, they brought their ghostly sound to almost all of Europe and the UK with the “Rise from the Grave Tour”, an unsurpassed experience and an impressive wave of acclaim from promoters and listeners.

At the end of 2023, HAUNTED joined Ripple Music, entrusting the release of their third invocation “Stare at Nothing” for the first half of 2024. The conceptual gestation of this third album has deep roots. The seeds were study, listening and experience. HAUNTED have tried to tell their journey of self-awareness, reunion, pacification, ideological freedom, and recognition of the Self and its complete destruction. They didn’t want to create nothing – and so they just stared at it. Lyrically, “Stare At Nothing” deals with the Man who chooses, sees and accepts himself, and doesn’t come to terms with the Universe, with a God, with the Infinite, but only with himself through a reverse mystical journey.

“Stare At Nothing” was recorded & mixed by Carlo Longo at NuevArte Studio, Catania, and mastered by Esben Willems at Studio Berserk, Gothenburg. The artwork was designed by Kristina Lerner.

Cristina Chimirri – Vocals
Kim Crowley – Guitars
Luca Strano – Drums
Frank Tudisco – Bass