Avant-garde psych/krautrock collective TRAUM (with members of ZU, Fuzz Orchestra) premiere debut album in full; out March 1st on Subsound Records.


Italian avant-garde rock collective TRAUM (with members of Zu, Fuzz Orchestra, Lento, Zeus!) team up with Everything Is Noise to present vibrant and astonishing self-titled debut album in full, ahead of its official release on March 1st via Subsound Records.

Soothing and mind-bending.” – Everything Is Noise
Epic, wild, wide-ranging instrumentals.” – Sentire Ascoltare
With that kind of pedigree, it’s worth taking serious note as the sonics they create under this new moniker are awash with ethereal psych, kraut, space rock, ambient, even dub and jazz.” – The Sleeping Shaman

Stream Traum’s self-titled album in full via Everything Is Noise

Formed by members of esteemed Italian outfits ZU, Fuzz Orchestra, Lento and Zeus!, the seasoned foursome made the most of a month-long cohabitation in a farmhouse to create their graceful and shape-shifting self-titled debut album. “Traum” melds ethereal psychedelia, krautrock, space rock, ambient music and even dub, all sprinkled with subtle layers of saxophone and synths and resulting in the sharing of the same horizon of interpretation of existence and music by four musicians.

Whether it is an illusory, lucid, interdimensional or induced dream, TRAUM’s music bears witness to it and describes its various aspects, keeping the rudder to starboard like a new Ulysses returning home. Through a state of presence and mutual listening, the eight tracks that made up this multifaceted album were born: the music takes different shapes, conducting the listener on a journey within himself. The record is the spontaneous fruit of an urge to communicate and musically explore today’s reality, both internally and externally. Otherworldly and transcending.

Debut album “Traum”
Out March 1st on Subsound Records
Preorder on Bandcamp and Subsound Records

Luca Ciffo – Guitar, Bass
Lorenzo Stecconi – Guitar
Luca T. Mai – Synths/Sax
Paolo Mongardi – Drums

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