Our beloved psychedelic prog rockerz MR.BISON will tour Europe presenting their latest album Echoes From The Universe !!!

*** MR.BISON – Echoes From The Universe EUROPEAN TOUR ***

16th February / EXWide Pisa (IT) – Release Party

17th February / Bloom Mezzago -MB (IT) – Release Party

14th March / Channel Zero – Lubjana (SLO)

15th March / Mocvara – Zagreb (HR)

16th March / Music House – Graz (A)

17th March / Schokofabrik – Bayreuth (DE)

18th March / *** OPEN SLOT *** GERMANY

19th March / Black Label – Leipzig (DE)

20th March / Stereowonderland – Cologne (DE)

21th March / Extrablues Bar – Belefield (DE)

22th March / Waldmeister – Solingen (DE)

23th March / Ruefetto – Freibourg (DE)

21th April / Space Goat Fest – CPA – Firenze (IT)

26th April / Maximum Fest – ZeroBranco -TV (IT)

27th April / Verona – TBA (IT)

03th May / Bocciodromo – Vicenza (IT)

04th May / HPS Fest – Bologna Trieste (IT)

05th May / HPS Fest – Bologna Trieste (IT)

11th May / Blah Blah – Torino (IT)

17th May / Le Bout du Monde – Vevey (CH)

18th May / Durrorsdorf – TBA (DE)

07th June / HPS Fest – Martigny Winthertur (CH)

08th June / HPS Fest – Martigny Winterthur (CH)

Mr Bison is a rock band that melts heavy psychedelic sounds with progressive elements and evocative soundscapes.

Formed in a small coastal town in Tuscany / Italy, the band has reinvented their sound over the course of four albums from Stoner/Psych Sounds to Heavy Psychedelic Progressive Sounds,

firmly establishing themselves in 2018 with the acclaimed “HOLY OAK” and the latest Concept Album “SEAWARD”, which suddenly brought them touring around Europe and US many times, attending the best festivals on the scene such as Desert Fest Berlin London Antwerp, Krach am Back, Duna Jam ….

The band has just released the new concept album Echoes From The Universe, produced by guitarist Matteo Barsacchi, mixed by Nicola Giorgetti at the Indipendente Recording Studio and mastered by Carl Saff.

Matteo Barsacchi (Guitar, Bass, Synth)

Matteo Sciocchetto(Guitar, Bass, Voice)

Lorenzo Salvadori (Drum)

Davide Salvadori (Acoustic Guitars, Synth, Hammond, Mellotron, Bass)