Cosmic grunge merchants HIJSS share new track “Blow Out” off debut album “stuck on common ground”; out March 8th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Northern Italy’s cosmic grunge rockers hijss present their brooding new track “Blow Out”, premiering now on Outlaws of the Sun. Their genre-defying debut album “stuck on common ground” is out on March 8th through Heavy Psych Sounds.

About this new song, hijss says: “Blow Out has a raw grunge attitude, captivating listeners with its hypnotic verse and juicy chorus. High-gain bridges fill the gap. Its dynamic shifts will keep you engaged from start to finish.”

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Drawing from grunge rock and post-punk as much as modern space rock, this boundary-free unit propels itself into the stratosphere in a giant blaze of crunch and groove. hijss hit with a fierce punk attitude, seamlessly combining their gritty riffs, pulsating basslines and kraut-infused madness with frontman Lois Lane’s Wyndorf-esque croon. A fearless and unwaveringly forward-thinking record to be filed somewhere between Sonic Youth, Monster Magnet and Slift.

hijss “stuck on common ground”
Out March 8th on Heavy Psych Sounds

From Northern Italy summits through clouds and airplanes, a wall of sound spirals downhill as HIJSS mark their birth. Stimulated by the musical instinct of band leader Lois Lane (guitar & vocals) drummer Maurice’s ferocious hits and bassist and keyboardist Pan’s catchy scales, their brand of fearless power rock does not only scratch the surface but goes deep under your skin. On top of gritty basslines and ferocious drums lie cosmic guitars, tantalizing vocals, and arpeggiated electronic drones.

All three band members come from a wide musical background, yet their common denominator is without a doubt their punk attitude. hijss puts genres in the background zapping from punk over blues to space and psychedelic rock. The outcome is a melting pot called “cosmic grunge”. That means whatever you want it to mean. Their debut album “stuck on common ground” was produced by Toni Quiroga and hijss. Engineered, mixed and mastered at accept productions by Toni Quiroga. It will be released in March 2024 through Heavy Psych Sounds.

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