Psychedelic rock trio RED SUN to release new album “From Sunset To Dawn” on April 5th via Subsound Records; new single “A Violent Dusk” streaming.

Italy’s psychedelic rock instrumentalists RED SUN announce the release of their new album “From Sunset To Dawn” this April 5th on Subsound Records, and present its debut single “A Violent Dusk” via Outlaws Of The Sun website!

Daydream with the heavy psychedelia of “A Violent Dusk

It’s been a decade since the trio formed in Albone near Piacenza in the North East of Italy, and they have definitely mastered the art of taking the listener on one-way trips to new dimensions with their haunting and otherworldly soundscapes, finely blending space rock, acid rock and infusing atmospheres reminiscent of unknown faraway lands. They are now ready to return with their third studio album “From Sunset To Dawn”, a flamboyant invitation to dream through sonic waves carried but the trio’s boundary-free creativity. As the band hints: “Since the beginning of the world, living beings helplessly witness the succession of day and night. Disclose your senses, the earth is moving, from sunset to dawn…”

“From Sunset To Dawn” will be issued in Limited Cloudy LP edition, Black LP, CD and digital on April 5th, 2024 with preorders available now from Subsound Records.

RED SUN “From Sunset to Dawn”
Out April 5th on Subsound Records
Preorder on Subsound Records and Bandcamp

RED SUN formed in March 2014 after a few night-long jams under the starry sky of an ancient mill lost in the Piacenza countryside. Their first self-produced album “Triosophy” released in 2015 and reprinted in vinyl by Spin On Black the years after serves an original mix of space psychedelic instrumental rock. This album opened the doors of many venues and festivals in Italy and Europe. At the end of 2017, the band released their second album “The Wind, The Waves, The Clouds”, produced by Psyka Records. The evolution of the band can be perceived in a more powerful and mature sound that enhances the expressive power of their instrumentals. Throughout these last strange years RED SUN restarted their musical journey and in 2023 recorded new material that will take the listener on an introspective adventure full of colors and emotions.

Stefano Eno – guitar
Mirco – bass
Fede- drums & synths

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