Furor Gallico releases “Birth Of The Sun” video

new album “Future To Come” out on March 22nd

Furor Gallico has released a video for “Birth Of The Sun”, third single taken from the new album “Future To Come” to be released on March 22nd by Scarlet Records.

video by Raoul Noise/Nova Rolfilm Studios

artwork by Kris Verwimp


Produced by guitarist Gabriel Consiglio;

mixed by Federico Ascari (Within Destruction, Signs Of The Swarm);

mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth);

featuring Ralph Salati (Destrage) on guitar on “Faith Upon Lies”;

FFO: Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Blind Guardian, Amorphis, Wind Rose;


“Future To Come” will be released in the following formats:

-digipack CD

-vinyl LP


After the successful “Dusk Of The Ages” campaign, with the “Canto D’Inverno” video reaching 4,6 million views on YouTube, Furor Gallico are back with a vengeance, once again brilliantly blending extreme metal music with traditional Celtic, Irish and Breton tunes in their fourth record.

While “Future To Come” cannot be considered as a concept-album, most of the songs are based on the idea of physical and spiritual redemption.

The listener will be thrown in a multifaceted world where every song is one of many scenarios – from epic and apocalyptic landscapes to the inner reconciliation with ourselves and the Earth – each unique in its style and yet well balanced, so to take him on a journey through life’s sorrows and deliverance.

“Future To Come” tracklist:

1 – Call Of The Wind

2 – Among the Ashes

3 – Birth Of The Sun

4 – Black Skies

5 – Faith Upon Lies

6 – Ancient Roots

7 – Future To Come

8 – Anelito

photo by Ivan Licheri

“Among The Ashes” (first single)

“Call Of The Wind” (second single)

Furor Gallico:

Davide Cicalese – main vocals

Gabriel Consiglio – guitars and vocals

Marco Ballabio – bass

Becky Rossi – celtic harp

Massimo Volontè – whistles and bouzouki

Mirko Fustinoni – drums

additional members:

Valentina Pucci – female vocals

Riccardo Brumat – violin and orchestrations