Logical Terror Unveils Progressive New Metal Cover of Eurythmics’ “Here Comes The Rain Again”

Logical Terror, the avant-garde force in the realm of progressive metal, announces the release of their latest single, “Here Comes The Rain Again,” a daring cover of the iconic Eurythmics hit. Set to hit the airwaves on March 15, 2024, this groundbreaking fusion of New Wave nostalgia and Metalcore mayhem promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

In a bold collision of genres, Logical Terror masterfully melds the haunting melodies of the 1980s with the unyielding power of modern metalcore, creating a sonic tempest unlike any other. “Here Comes The Rain Again” surges forth as a torrential downpour of innovation, offering listeners an electrifying journey through the annals of musical evolution.

Guided by the relentless spirit of innovation, Logical Terror invites fans to immerse themselves in the eye of this musical storm, where past and present converge in a symphony of sound. Whether you’re a die-hard metalhead craving fresh sonic landscapes or a connoisseur of classics seeking a new perspective, Logical Terror’s cover promises an exhilarating auditory experience.

For fans of bands similar to Soilwork, In Flames, and Fear Factory, Logical Terror’s “Here Comes The Rain Again” stands as a testament to their boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of metal music.

Prepare to be swept away by the thunderous force of Logical Terror’s latest offering. Stay tuned for the release of “Here Comes The Rain Again” on March 15, 2024, and brace yourself for a musical revolution unlike any other.

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