Cainites signs with Scarlet Records – debut album out in June

photo by Frater Orion

Cainites has signed a multi-album deal with Scarlet Records.

Under the same mark of Cain and within the same universe filled by the eternal night, Cainites is the name of the melodic death metal duo oozing darkness and blood from every pore.

Two orthodox vampire priest have risen from the ashes of the Italian gothic-doom masters Motus Tenebrae: Andrea Falaschi, aka Frater Orion (Deathless Legacy), on vocals, drums and keyboards, and Daniele Ciranna, on guitar and bass.

They lurk in the shadows they have been locked in for centuries, as punishment – the shadows of the vampires. They can’t end their endless lives, but just follow the most brutal survival instinct that makes them feed on human blood.

Through their dark, gloomy melodic death metal (influenced by Insomnium, The Vision Bleak, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Tribulation and Septic Flesh), Cainites create their own mystique, portraying the curse and the mark they have to carry – that of those longing for the light they’ve been forever banned from.

The Cainites debut album is expected to be released in June by Scarlet Records.


Andrea Falaschi (aka Frater Orion) – vocals, drums, keyboards

Daniele Ciranna – guitar, bass