The Andrea Palmieri project was officially born in 2018 after he had been part of several local bands. He started looking for musicians to share his idea and form a real band. However, living in a small town in central Italy, the research failed. The only musician who believed in the project was Alessandro Cersa (bass). Both lovers of hard rock, they began to compose new pieces following this style. They tried to alternate rock pieces with powerful riffs to heart-breaking and melancholic ballads. The main influences are Black Sabbath and Black Label Society with Andrea writing intimate lyrics.

However, failing to find the missing members of the band, the project has been put on standby until 2020. At this point Andrea decided to rely on session musicians. He got in touch with Massimo Gerini for the vocals and Stefano Rutolini for the drums. It turned out to be a winning choice. The two musicians enriched the sound. In a short time, the album was complete and this is how Solitude came out in 2021.

In 2024, a new album, Reflections, is due out via Sliptrick Records.

Andrea Palmieri are:
Andrea Palmieri – Guitars | Alessandro Cersa – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick