Italian doom/psych riffers Cancervo’s third record, III, is out now (on 29 March) via Electric Valley Records. On the album, the Italian trio continues the tradition of chronicling the myths surrounding Monte Cancervo — the Bergamo-based mountain that stands as the inspiration behind the band’s moniker as well as the thematic backdrop for their music.

Cancervo states:
“‘III’ represents a dark and gloomy moment for the band. The songs on the last album changed gig after gig and led to this new phase of the band. An increasingly characteristic voice is the master together with the inevitable and recognizable guitar riffs, which have always been the band’s trademark. This new creature will drag you into the eternal clash between the sacred and the profane, a characteristic that has always populated the traditions of the valley dominated by Mount Cancervo.”

Catch Cancervo live at Electric Valley Fest in Mezzago (Italy) alongside their labelmates Wizard Master and Chains on 26 April.

III is available on four variants of vinyl (Black, Transparent Splatter Purple/Black, Ultra LTD “Sacrilege Edition” and Test Press), Visit the label’s WEBSTORE or BANDCAMP for vinyl and merch. 


Cover Art for III

Cancervo derived their name from an iconic mountain near Bergamo, nestled in a valley steeped in rich traditions and folklore. Charmed by the tale of a mythical creature, part dog and part deer, that roamed on Cancervo, three local heavy riff enthusiasts from San Giovanni Bianco formed the band as a homage to their cherished valley and its mystical legends.

Their 2021 debut, simply titled I, represents local places and myths. A complete instrumental outing, the album dabbles in sedating psych, deserted stoner/doom, and preternatural prog.

II, the sophomore album, released in 2023, continues Cancervo’s occult narratives of their land. In search of doom roots, the album takes more and more motivating forces from the early ’70s and passably abandons the psych moments of the first album. Unlike the first full-length, I, which was entirely instrumental, this record incorporates vocals on most tracks.

The new full-length, III, heralds a darker and more introspective phase for the band. Each track on the last album evolved from concert to concert, paving the way for this transformative phase. A distinct vocal presence emerges as the guiding force, alongside the inevitable and recognizable doomy riffs that have always been the trio’s trademark. This tale promises to immerse listeners in the timeless struggle between the sacred and the profane — a theme deeply ingrained in the folklore of the valley beneath the shadow of Mount Cancervo.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Sacrilegious Mass [Listen]
3. Burn Your Child
4. St. Barnabas
5. The Red Pig

Album Credits:
All songs written and played by Cancervo. (“Intro” written and played by Fido)
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alessandro “Otto” Galli at the Otto Engineering Mobile Studio 2029.
Band Photo by Christian Riva. 
Graphics by EVR Studio.

Band Lineup:
Luka – Bass & Vocals
Francesco – Guitars  
Sam – Drums

Electric Valley Records: