Cainites releases “Darkness Awaits” video

debut album “Revenant” out on June 21st

Cainites has released a video for “Darkness Awaits”, first single taken from the debut album “Revenant” to be released on June 21st by Scarlet Records.

Deprivation of light and faith: an endless life to be lived in a world of darkness only. The Orthodox vampire priest still remembers the first victim killed, as if it was his first love, and that infinite thirst that steals the souls. In a final moment of clarity he asks God to stop him from this carnage.

video by Frater Orion

artwork by Frater Orion


Debut album for the melodic death metal project founded by Deathless Legacy and Motus Tenebrae members;

intriguing concept album about the curse of the Orthodox vampire priests

trending “Vampire: The Masquerade” themes, anticipating the release of the “Vampire – Bloodlines 2” videogame;

artwork and booklet by Frater Orion (Deathless Legacy, Apostolica);

FFO: Insomnium, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Tribulation, Septic Flesh, The Vision Bleak;

“Revenant” will be released in the following formats:

– jewel case CD

– digital

Cainites is the name of the new melodic death metal duo risen from the ashes of the Italian gothic-doom masters Motus Tenebrae and founded by Andrea Falaschi aka Frater Orion (Deathless Legacy), on vocals, drums and keyboards, and Daniele Ciranna, on guitar and bass.

Through their dark, gloomy melodic death metal – heavily influenced by the British and Scandinavian masters with a creepy Mediterranean twist too – Cainites create their own mystique, portraying the bloody mark they have to carry.

“Revenant” is a concept album about an old Orthodox priest who became a vampire against his will. A controversial, cruel and yet fascinating character, oscillating between a sense of abandonment by the divine and the manifestation of a faith that is still present, with continuous pleas to God to stop him from his relentless bloodshed – yearning for a redemption that cannot be reached.

“Revenant” tracklist:

1 Darkness Awaits

2 Theotokos

3 Vampire God

4 God’s Wrath

5 We Lost Our Sanctity

6 Forgive Our Sins

7 Cainites

8 Embrace

9 Forsaken

10 Redemption

photo by Frater Orion


Andrea Falaschi (aka Frater Orion) – vocals, drums, keyboards

Daniele Ciranna – guitar, bass