VICOLO INFERNO Unleash new single “The Gift” Off Third Studio Album “Circles” Out May 2024

Rockshots Records is proud to present their latest signing of Italy’s VICOLO INFERNO for the release of their third studio “Circles”, which will be available on all streaming platforms along with CD this coming May 2024. Instinctive, energetic, melodic, dark, and intense, this is the quartet’s most mature and experimental recording to date.

“Circles” like its predecessor dances among various colors of the soul, from the most intimate and convoluted to the angry, to the amused and ironic. The track listing was chosen to guide the listener through a journey. The writing process for this record has been consolidated for years, although somewhat against the current.

“We are “romantic supporters” of songwriting in the rehearsal room. We always start from a vocal line or a guitar riff, and if there is inspiration, the first version is laid down, which is then refined and shaped over time like a piece of wood by a sculptor.” adds the band

Originally producing about 20 tracks, they widdled it down to the presenting 10 songs on the album, those not selected will be used for a future release. Vicolo Inferno hopes that those who listen to this sonic exploration from start to finish will feel the introspective expressions while understanding their interpretation of social criticisms, fantasies, and telling of comical experiences they have lived through as a band. An example track is “Gummy Bears” which is about soaking Gummy Bear candy in vodka which is a fun backstage tradition for them with friends and fans.

They also add about this next full-length:

“It is said that the third album is canonically the one of awareness; it is certainly the one in which we put more care into arranging the songs, where we experimented with some stylistic figures never used by us before, both in music and in singing. For once, we would like to venture to say that we think it is our best album (although it is always difficult to say which child you love most) for ideas and execution, but as always, the hope is to reach the audience, which will be the judge in deciding whether our feelings hit the mark or not.”

The new single is called “The Gift”, which the band is presenting today, is an uptempo song with catchy melodies. “The Gift” is a “fantasy” song concerning the moon which observe the evolution of the human race wondering if they are ready to receive “The Gift” which is the allegory of death.

Listen to “The Gift” at the following Links:.

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Recommended for fans of Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath and Black Stone Cherry “Circles” is due out on May 31, 2024, and is available for digital pre-save plus CD pre-orders at the following links below:



Track Listing:​
1. Hidden
2. Suspended
3. Sneeze In A Mob
4. Pieces
5. Wine Drops
6. Cold Surface
7. The Gift
8. Gummy Bears
9. Handle With S(Care)
10. The Circle

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In 1504, an alley in “Forum Cornelii” (Imola, Bologna, Italy) wrote its history in blood: a bloody battle left its mark on the popular imagination and forever transformed the name of that narrow cobblestone path into “VICOLO INFERNO”.

In 2003, the encounter of the two founding members of the band Igor and Marco led shortly after to the release of their first demo “FIRE COVERZ.”

By 2005, the desire to propose original music production began to emerge, and the first 4 songs were collected in the EP demo “HELL’S ALLEY.”

The following years were marked by intense live activity, band contests, and recognitions.

In 2013, the band signed a contract with logic(il)logic Records for the release of their debut album “HOURGLASS.” Live promotion lasted throughout the year, reaching England in March 2014 with 6 dates.

In 2016, with the addition of Wallace on bass, the band completed the composition and recording of their 2nd album “STRAY IDEALS,” once again for logic IL logic Records.

Currently, the band, enriched by the new drummer Renzo Cuomo, has finished recording their 3rd album “CIRCLES,” set to be released on May 31, 2024, for Rockshots Records.

Igor Piattesi – Vocals
Marco Campoli – Guitars
Wallace – Bass
Renzo Cuomo – Drums