Rockshots Records is thrilled to announce the name of the lead singer for Lay Of The Autumn: Iryna “ERIA” Boyarkina!

Iryna is a renowned artist from Ukraine, recognized as “ERIA” and has gained fame through her performances with the band Mysterya and her appearances in popular contests like Eurovision, X-Factor, and The Voice. Davide Scuteri, the mastermind behind Lay Of The Autumn, shared his excitement about Iryna joining the band:

“I’m sure that fans of my previous projects, Ravenword and Choirs of Veritas, will appreciate the melancholic and epic tones of this new project. They’ll be astonished by the enchanting and powerful voice of Iryna.”

Lay Of The Autumn combines the talents of Davide Scuteri (Ravenword, Choirs of Veritas), Cesare Ferrari, Davide Lovecchio, and Michele Olmi (Chronosfear, Embrace Of Souls). The band’s debut album is highly anticipated, and with Iryna at the forefront, the symphonic metal scene is in for a treat. Keep an eye out for more updates and get ready for the band’s upcoming single featuring Iryna on vocals, set to be released at the end of 2024.

The band’s first single “Si Sta Come D’Autunno Sugli Alberi Le Foglie” underscores the full power of Lay Of The Autumn.

As described by mastermind Davide Scuteri “this is a hermetic title. During the First World War there was a poet into the battlefield, his name was Giuseppe Ungaretti and he wrote these lines in his poetry “Soldati (Soldiers)”, as perpetual symbol of the life in the trenches. It’s an instrumental powerful and virtusistic song, in the style of the Stratovarius, which talks about the conflicting emotions which can live inside us, and the precarious condition of the life when the Lay of the Autumn comes”.


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