Black Metal Daily is now premiering “Cor”, the new full-length album by Italian black metal entity ULTIO.

The album will be released via Brucia Records on May 23rd, 2024 on digital and a limited run of 6 panels Digipack CDs.

Stream “Cor” at THIS LOCATION.

5 years exactly after “Fera”ULTIO is back with yet another relentless slab of pure, abrasive Black Metal.

This new full length album is an emotionally shattering experience crafted with the intent of re-evoking a time when Black Metal was simply Black Metal – dark, menacing, uncomplicated and extreme.

ULTIO is a project by Giorgio Barroccu (DERHEAD) and “Cor” can be considered like the twistedly demented brother of “The Grey Zone Phobia”DERHEAD’s latest album released back in March 2023.

Another side of the same, dark coin – ULTIO shares DERHEAD’s very same dramatic tension and despair, however showcasing here a magnificently unrestrained and raw soul: behind a gloomy wall of freezingly cold riffs and shrieking screams ULTIO ascends maniacally, building a sense of impending peril and oppression – dissonance after dissonance.

Similarly to the previous release, the writing and recording process of the new full lenght album “Cor” was also very instinctive and took place in the space of only a few weeks: the result is something furious and unhinged, raw and visceral – and yet, somehow, grandiose and triumphant in all its bestial savagery.

FFO: Marduk, Funeral Mist, Gorgoroth.


1 – Spikes (04:21)
2 – The Grey Inferno (05:14)
3 – Wretchedness (04:43)
4 – A Thousand Times More (05:16)
5 – Looking For Eyes (05:19)
6 – Cor (06:02)


Written and performed by Giorgio Barroccu
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Giorgio Barroccu
Artwork by Giorgio Barroccu
Layout and artistic supervision by Evokaos (Brucia Records)

Brucia Records