Exciting fantasies of mystical beauty …

Magic presents just two choices: fear it or embrace its secrets …
Guitarist Alex Mele (Kaledon) and vocalist Eleonora Damiano (ex Epinikion) have joint forces to create the Symphonic Power Metal act,

This talented line-up also includes bassist Silvia Pistolesi (Hellucination), guitarist Francesco Ciancio (Kaledon), keyboardist Fabio Bernardi (River Of Change), and drummer Manuele Di Ascenzo (Imperial Age).

Having recently inked a deal with Sleaszy Rider Records,
the new band is set to unleash their debut EP on July 5, 2024.

🔘 Debut EP from the Italian genre hopefuls
🔘 Variety, vital power and elegance in one
🔘 Charismatic blend  – enjoyable and convincing

Eleonora Damiano Alex Mele • 2024
📸  Requiem’s Embrace

Eleonora Damiano • Vocals
Alex Mele • Guitars
Francesco Ciancio • Guitars
Silvia Pistolesi • Bass
Fabio Bernardi • Keyboards
Manuele Di Ascenzo • Drums