KRYPTONOMICON, the Italian purveyors of raw and aggressive metal, are set to release their long-awaited new album, “Daemonolatria,” on June 30, 2024, via Punishment 18 Records.

Led by Stefano Rumich on vocals and guitars, with Frank on vocals and bass, and Randy on drums, KRYPTONOMICON delivers a relentless onslaught of multi-culti black metal that draws inspiration from legends like Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Venom, Kreator, and Slayer.

“Daemonolatria” features ten tracks of pure sonic devastation, each with its own unique blend of raw energy and atmospheric darkness. The album clocks in at 39 minutes and 21 seconds, promising an intense and immersive listening experience for metal fans worldwide.

KRYPTONOMICON’s sound is described as raw, obscure, aggressive, atmospheric, and evil, encapsulating the essence of early thrash, black, and death metal from the ’80s. With their new album, the band aims to offer fans an experience of aggressive, violent, and evil vibes.

Stefano Rumich, the band’s founder, states, “Our new album is very different from the previous. Now we are a trio and we have chosen to have two singers as early Kreator. My voice and Frank’s voice are very different from that of our first singer, so the songs are faster and more aggressive, and our fans probably will appreciate this new musical attitude.”

Featuring intricate guitar work, thunderous drums, and intense vocals, “Daemonolatria” promises to be a standout release in the metal scene. Fans can expect a blend of classic influences with a modern twist, as KRYPTONOMICON continues to push the boundaries of extreme music.

With their new album, KRYPTONOMICON solidifies their position as a force to be reckoned with in the metal underground. Prepare for an infernal journey into the depths of darkness with “Daemonolatria.”

Track Listing:

1. – Satanama ( 5:01 )

2. – Between Five Candles ( 3:32 )

3. – The Emperor Rising ( 4:41 )

4. – The Spreading Wind Of Epidemic ( 3:36 )

5. – There’s No Life,There’s No Death ( 4:13 )

6. – Lord Of Flies ( 5:16 )

7. – The Sea Of Creeping Evil ( 2:59 )

8. – Blood For The Fire ( 4:09 )

9. – Necromantical Suicide ( 2:39 )

10. – Daemonolatria ( 2:58 )

Album Length : 39:21

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 Album Credits:

  All songs performed by: KRYPTONOMICON

  All songs written by: Stefano Rumich

  Lyrics written by: Stefano Rumich and Francesco Ponga

  Produced by: Punishment 18 Records

  Mixed by: Stefano Rumich

  Mastered by: Stefano Rumich

  Album Artwork by: Paolo Girardi

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