Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking

is really proud to present a NEW BAND signing

*** SALTPIG ***

– new doom-stoner-psych-occult metal duo –

We’re very happy to welcome in our Heavy Psych Sounds Family the stoner-doom-occult metal duo SALTPIG !!!


February 27th

SALTPIG is a bit of a mystery. The band just showed up seemingly out of nowhere, album in hand, with the music loudly speaking for itself. As it soon became known, SALTPIG is a two person band with Fabio Alessandrini (formerly of Annihilator) on drums and Mitch Davis handling vocals, guitar and all of the other layers of noise that can be heard on the record. The music that came out of this pairing has elements of doom/stoner/psych/occult metal and others, but they didn’t go into it with anything that specific in mind. They just make the music they want to hear. Davis has been working with bands/artists including LA Guns, Damon Albarn, Billy Squier, Stephen Malkmus, Mark Lanegan, Sunbomb and U2, but SALTPIG is obviously a very different animal. For his own band, Mitch created a sound that is much darker. When he started writing the SALTPIG tracks, it pretty quickly turned into this debut album. Most of the tracking was done in their respective studios, with Fabio in Italy, and Mitch in New York where he’d do all of the final recording, production and mixing. It’s melodic but embraces dissonance. It’s noisy and dirty and evil sounding. Underproduced and real. It embraces imperfections as only a human can do.


Mitch Davis – vocals/guitars/bass

Fabio Alessandrini – drums